Jumbo Loans

Jumbo Home Loans at Nutter – Built for You!

James B. Nutter & Company specializes in Jumbo Home Loans. For loans above the conforming limit in your area and up to $1.5 million, we can make it quick and easy to move into or refinance your dream home today!

Our Jumbo Home Loans have a low, secured, fixed-rate that will ensure a competitive monthly payment. In fact, the current Jumbo fixed rate is almost the same as the low conforming rate.

Call our office or complete Nutter’s online application - it’s simple and streamlined, with no unnecessary “junk” fees. The Jumbo Loans at Nutter were developed with the understanding that borrowers are especially busy and appreciate the many conveniences we offer, including auto-debit and other options to customize the loan for you.

If you are looking to refinance a Jumbo Loan, we can do that as well. Borrowers may choose to use some equity in their home to remodel, pay off debt or more.

Focused on home loans since 1951, our tradition is fast, fair, and competitive loans that best serve our customers.


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