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What You Need to Know About Refinancing Your Mortgage

The Basics: What is Refinancing?

Refinancing is the act of replacing an existing mortgage with a new mortgage, only with different loan terms. Refinancing can help you lower your monthly payment, allow you to use the equity you’ve built up in your home to get cash back, or to simply change the length of your loan term.

When deciding whether you should refinance, the first step is to establish your financial goals. The most common reasons to refinance are:

  • Lower your monthly payment
  • Get cash out from your home
  • Consolidate debt
  • Pay off your mortgage faster

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Feel free to use our handy Refinance Calculator to see if refinancing your mortgage can help you meet your financial goals.

A-Z: The Nutter Guide to Refinancing a House

Here’s a great resource to help you understand the refinancing process:

  1. Reasons to Refinance
  2. Exploring Your Refinance Options
  3. Refinancing with Nutter

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I refinance my mortgage?

As long as your current home loan is at least six months old, refinancing is an option for you to consider. There are many ways you can save money by refinancing.

What documents are required to refinance?

  • Proof of income (recent paystubs, W-2’s)
  • If self-employed, copies of recent income tax returns
  • Proof of homeowners insurance
  • Photo ID

How much does it cost to refinance?

Generally speaking, your closing costs will vary depending on the type of refinance you choose, your interest rate, your credit rating and/or the appraised value of your home.

Closing costs are very important because they can significantly affect your refinance as well as the equity in your home. At James B. Nutter & Company, our philosophy is simple: “If a loan’s not good for the customer, it’s not good for us.” That’s why we strive to keep your closing costs as low as possible or, in some cases, eliminate them altogether.

Nutter offers a variety of great refinance programs and our experts will work with you to find the refinance program that’s best for you. To talk to a Nutter Loan Officer, call 1-800-875-7334 or send us an email.

Learn more about our No Closing Cost Refinancing.


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